ENews Issue - 31 May 2009

ENews - May 2009

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In this issue:

  • Forum on Planning Agreements - places still available
  • Want to catch up with ENews?
  • Last chance to book for June training workshops
  • TRA launches training for Local Review Bodies
  • First bursary winners attend workshops
  • Madingley News
  • Another successful Conference for Planning Support Staff

Forum on Planning Agreements - places still available - 31/05/09

There is still time to book a place on TRA's brand new Forum on Planning Agreements and Developer Contributions, taking place in Manchester on 10 June 2009.

The general theme of the Forum is to improve awareness of best practice in handling developer contributions in the evolving context. We are fortunate to have a very experienced panel of contributors who are able to bring a variety of perspectives to the Forum:

  • LEONORA ROZEE, Deputy Chief Executive, The Planning Inspectorate
  • GARRY PAYNE, Director of Planning and Regeneration, Wyre Borough Council
  • STEPHEN HILL, Senior Planning Manager with ATLAS
  • KATY PHILLIPS, Planning Obligations Officer, City of London Corporation
  • SHARON BROWN, Major Developments Manager, Cambridge City Council
  • FRANK ORR, Solicitor with Dickinson Dees
  • CHRIS WEETMAN, Senior Planning Consultant, Trevor Roberts Associates.

At this stage, prompt booking is recommended to secure your place. A leaflet/booking form can be downloaded from our website. Provisional bookings can be made by telephone or via the provisional bookings page of the website if you are unable to make a firm booking straight away.

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Want to catch up with ENews? - 31/05/09

If you've missed a recent issue of ENews or have only just subscribed to the newsletter then don't forget that previous issues of the TRA monthly newsletter can be accessed via our website. Just visit the Newsletter Archives page to catch up.

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Last chance to book for June training workshops - 29/05/09

We have several workshops due to take place in June as part of our 2009 training programme for Planning and Development practitioners. These are the last group of workshops before the Summer break, and places are still available for anyone wishing to attend:

The Essential Elements of Development Control Support - Manchester, 11 June (and Bristol, 17 November)

This workshop focuses on issues surrounding validation, calculation of fees, notification and consultation requirements and will demonstrate how to scale and read plans. It will also be looking at the move to Development Management and is an opportunity to consider the regimes relating to advertisements and listed buildings, which are often difficult for newer staff

Sustainable Construction (NEW TOPIC) - York, 18 June (and London, 8 December)

This brand new workshop is suitable for all development control staff and provides an understanding of sustainable construction techniques that can be applied to a range of developments. It addresses such issues as what is sustainable development and the methods of achieving the concept, how to reduce the water, waste and energy needs of a development and how to maximise on-site renewable energy generation.

Environmental Impact Assessment - Manchester, 30 June (and London, 8 December)

The EIA Regulations are a fundamental part of the development control system and therefore something that DC staff should be aware of and understand. This workshop provides an introduction to the concept and offers practical guidance on the whole process, from screening and scoping opinions through to committee reports and post decision publicity requirements.

The Basics of Planning Enforcement - Manchester, 30 June (and Bristol, 17 November)

This workshop is aimed at development control staff who are either directly involved in enforcement work or wish to have a contextual understanding of the system. Specific aspects covered include: what can be enforced, the immunity rules, how to deal with complaints, evidence collection, effective use of the enforcement toolkit, and practical steps to make enforcement more efficient and effective.

Further details of all these workshops and booking forms are available via the above links. Provisional bookings can be made either by telephone or via the provisional bookings page of our website.

All of these workshops are included in our block-booking system, whereby you can obtain a 15% discount by booking 6 or more places across any number of events in our 2009 programme. Details of all the other events in the programme and a downloadable block booking form can be found on our website

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TRA launches training for Local Review Bodies - 27/05/09

Local Review Bodies (LRBs) are a mechanism established under Part 3 of the Planning etc (Scotland) Act 2006, whereby local planning decisions are initially determined by an officer of the local authority, with a subsequent review where an applicant so chooses by a panel of local Councillors - a Local Review Body. This replaces the previous system of an appeal to Scottish Ministers or a Reporter acting on their behalf.

This framework is totally new. It establishes a role for local Councillors in the planning process which has not existed before. Advice on the introduction and operation of the new framework emphasises that Councillors participating in Local Review Bodies should receive appropriate training in planning issues.

TRA has just launched a programme of in-house training for those likely to be involved in LRBs. Further details can be found on our website. For further information or to discuss your requirements please contact Penny O'Shea.

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First bursary winners attend workshops - 26/05/09

This month saw the first of TRA's bursary winners taking part in their chosen training event. The bursary scheme was established for the benefit of young planners and is one of the initiatives introduced to mark our 25th Anniversary. 25 free places on TRA events were up for grabs and we are delighted to say that these have all now been awarded.

Elizabeth Adams, Trainee Planning Officer with East Dorset DC, attended our Design in Development Control workshop led by Dan Roberts. This was the first time that Elizabeth had been on an TRA event.

  • "Since I had few perceptions of the company, I attended with an open mind. I now have a very positive perception based on the professionalism and accessibility of the training I received. I appreciated the opportunity to learn from Dan's experience in the public sector and his presentation style ensured a memorable day. (The course) has increased my confidence in my ability to translate my gut reactions to inappropriate designs into positive advice to improve development proposals."

This workshop runs next in Manchester on 6 October and in Glasgow on 10 November.

Joe Ridgeon, Planner with Dickinson Dees LLP, attended our brand new Housing Design and Layout workshop led by Timothy Crawshaw.

  • "The event put design into a policy context and then moved onto specifics. The design exercise in the afternoon was very helpful in terms of giving the group a chance to critically assess not just the design but also the thought processes and reasoning behind it. It forced you to critically assess your own subjective design opinions. The presenter pushed us to consider design as objective - not just subjective and he gave us the tools to be able to do this analytically. This will be very useful when working with architects."

Housing Design and Layout is running next in London on 14 October.

Andrea Kitzberger, Planning Policy Officer with the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, attended our workshop on Writing Effective Policies in the Local Development Framework led by Rachel Bland.

  • "This training course has definitely met my expectations. There was a good balance between theory and exercise. The exercises were very practical, some of them were quite tough, which was good as it really made you think. The presenter has in my opinion excellent knowledge of this subject and I would definitely recommend this course. I will hopefully be able to apply and use what I've learnt on this workshop. When it comes to drafting a policy, I will just go ahead and do it."

Writing Effective Policies in the LDF is next running in Manchester on 26 November.

Each of these workshops can also be run on an in-house basis. Please get in touch if you would like further details and/or see the in-house training section of our website.

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Madingley News - 25/05/09

This section of ENews is a way for people who have taken part in the TRA/Cambridge University certificated courses to keep in contact with us and each other. We are keen to keep in touch so please let Shelagh at TRA know if you have any news.

Congratulations to Ian Coulthard on achieving Technical Membership of the RTPI. Ian is an Enforcement Officer with the newly formed Durham County Council (previously with Wear Valley DC). Ian gained Technical Membership in April this year, after having completed the certificated course in Planning Enforcement in 2008. Ian is extremely grateful to the Course Tutor, Vivien Green, and the staff at TRA for their help and support during his studies.

For further details of Technical Membership and the routes to achieving it see the RTPI website.

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Another successful Conference for Planning Support Staff - 24/05/09

The latest TRA annual conference for support staff involved in planning took place at the end of April at our new London Venue, the MIC Centre. Feedback from those who attended was very positive:

  • "It met my expectations and exceeded them in some regards. My first conference was with TRA. I value their championing of support staff, helping us to feel valued in the part we play." Jeanette Collins, London Borough of Brent.
  • "An excellent conference facility and relevant topics by good speakers." Colin Green, City of London
  • "Was very helpful - now feel more positive." Caroline Evans, Slough BC
  • "Helpful and engaging speakers and enthusiastic and upbeat staff." Paul Whitlock, London Borough of Brent

The next conference for support staff is due to take place in Manchester on 29 September. The exact programme will be announced in due course but places can be reserved now.

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