ENews Issue - 19 August 2019

August 2019 ENews

Supporting Health and Wellbeing through Planning

The next batch of inter-authority events coming up includes a brand new and innovative workshop based on recent experience of the NHS Healthy New Towns Programme. The workshop Supporting Health and Wellbeing through Planning, will take place in London on 26 September and will have relevance for both Planning Policy and Development Management Teams. It has been developed by experienced presenter Tim Crawshaw, who was Built Environment Lead for the Darlington Healthy New Town Pilot from 2016 to 2018, and draws on current and emerging best practice to assist planning professionals both develop effective policy suites and make better decisions that support health and wellbeing.


Fenland Councillors run through the 'basics' of planning and 'good practice' for Committee

TRA has vast experience of training, advising and observing Planning/DM Committees and was recently commissioned to deliver two half day training sessions at Fenland District Council; first off was a Briefing on Planning which was then followed by Good Practice for Committees. The first session was aimed at non-planning Committee Members, including those from local towns and parishes; and the second session was for the benefit of Councillors on the Planning/DM Committee.


Get value for money with in-house training from TRA

Training budgets for LPAs may be extremely tight, but neglecting training can often prove to be short-sighted. It is precisely in times like these when you really need your key resources – i.e. your staff – to be working effectively and efficiently. Commissioning in-house training from TRA makes real economic sense at any time, but especially in the current climate. Organising a workshop on an in-house basis represents a unique opportunity to have training which matches the requirements of the staff and the authority, delivered in a way which is both cost effective and convenient.


Workshops on Effective Appeals and The Basics of Planning coming up in Edinburgh

The TRA Training Workshop Programme for Scotland continues through Autumn and includes two workshops in Edinburgh on 14 November 2019 with places still available. The workshops will be covering Effective Planning Appeals and The Basics of Planning and will be suitable for planning staff working in both the public and private sectors.


Motcombe Neighbourhood Plan recommended for referendum

The examination of the Motcombe Neighbourhood Plan, submitted to TRA in June by Dorset Council, was completed in late July. Examiner David Kaiserman concluded that subject to a number of modifications the Plan meets the "basic conditions" and other legal tests required and can proceed to a referendum once modified.


Planning Jobs Board - current vacancies

Here is our pick of the current vacancies on our Planning Jobs Board with closing dates in August and early September.