Training for Planning and Development Practitioners (England and Wales)
Inter-Authority Training

TRA has run an extensive programme of Professional Workshops for planning and development practitioners for many years. These workshops are for limited numbers of participants (maximum 20) under the direction of one of our team of presenters. Workshops are participatory, involving discussion, exercises and case study consideration, as well as key input by the presenters themselves.  All our presenters are not only experienced practitioners but also good at getting material across in a "user friendly" manner.

Additionally, we run a number of conference-style Professional Updates, which are for larger numbers of participants and involve several speakers. These represent important opportunities to keep abreast of the latest thinking and good practice, and to exchange experience with other practitioners from a wide range of organisations and locations.

TRA events are priced at a realistic yet reasonable level and offer excellent value for money. Details for all forthcoming events are shown below; click on the event title for more detailed information or to book places. If the event date is showing as TBC it means the workshop has already run this year but may be included again in our next programme.

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