Training for Councillors (England and Wales)
In-House Training

Trevor Roberts Associates is the leading UK provider of practitioner-presented training for Councillors involved in planning, with an extensive track record of positive results.

TRA's approach is to involve a team of presenters who are experienced people with direct and current involvement in planning practice (as distinct from staff of academic or educational institutions).

We have delivered training sessions for Councillors in over 250 authorities throughout the UK - from Shetland to Cornwall. See a list of satisfied clients in England and Wales here.

The advantages of in-house training

An in-house course is one run on your premises, for the specific benefit of Councillors in your authority. (The main alternative is where Councillors go to courses or conferences elsewhere, attended by Councillors from various authorities).

In-house training has several advantages:

  • it is cost effective, since not only is the basic cost per head lower, but there is little outlay on travel, accommodation etc.
  • it is convenient for Councillors, who are always very busy, and can only spare time away from the authority with great difficulty
  • it can be focused more specifically on particular issues and problems relevant to your own authority.


A Briefing on Planning for Councillors

Our popular general briefing session, aimed especially at Councillors on Planning Committees and Sub Committees, of mixed experience levels. The workshop covers: the context of planning (Coun... Read more...

The Role of Councillors in Planning: propriety and good practice

This popular course is aimed at any Councillor involved in or potentially involved in the planning process. It helps Councillors understand their roles and functions more clearly. Issues covered in... Read more...

A Planning Workshop for Councillors

This workshop combines elements from both the Briefing on Planning and The Role of Councillors in Planning courses to give Councillors a broad overview of planning and an understanding of their role.... Read more...

Briefings on Specific Aspects of Planning

We are able to conduct training sessions for Councillors on a range of specific aspects of planning. These workshops can normally be delivered as a full or half-day session and can often be combined i... Read more...

All courses are set up specifically for individual authorities, so we can emphasise specific aspects as required.


Bespoke training

We are also happy to consider developing bespoke sessions, on other topics, to suit the requirements of a particular authority (please note that in some cases this may include an additional cost).