Environmental Policy Statement

TRA is aware that we have a responsibility in the way we carry out our work and are fully committed to preserving the natural environment, reducing or eliminating any negative impacts our actions may have on the environment, and continually improving our environmental performance. We will comply with all applicable environmental legislation and regulations.

Our Environmental Policy is implemented through an Environmental Management System (EMS) based on the requirements of the international Standard ISO 14001:2004.

By identifying any significant impacts we have on the environment and modifying or controlling how we operate we will ensure that these impacts are reduced to a minimum.

In particular, we will make continued efforts to:

  • reduce the amount of CO² and greenhouse gas emissions resulting from our work
  • minimise the use of natural resources, particularly paper
  • minimise the amount of waste going to landfill.

We will establish a framework for setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets.

We will increase awareness of environmental matters amongst our staff, Associates & Presenters, and clients. We will ensure that our staff are properly trained to carry out their statutory responsibilities and to influence environmental performance positively. All personnel are required to comply with the requirements of this policy and are encouraged to work positively towards its implementation.

We will encourage our suppliers and contractors to maintain high levels of environmental performance with regard to the products and services they provide to us and we will respect our clients’ environmental management policies, practices and systems.

This policy will be reviewed by our Management Team periodically, and either re-adopted or revised so that it remains appropriate to the scale and nature of the business. It will be published and maintained on our website and within our procedures manual, and will be displayed at our office.

March 2013.

How you can help us to help the environment

There are a number of simple and tangible things you can do to help us achieve our environmental objectives:

  1. you can sign-up to receive our publicity material by email instead of by post - just visit the mailing list page on the website (this will help us to massively reduce our consumption of paper)
  2. if you are attending any of our inter-authority events, please travel by public transport wherever this is practical, or car-share if you are travelling with colleagues (we do our best to select venues which are accessible by public transport)
  3. again, if you attend any of our inter-authority events, please remember to hand in your badge (plus any unused hand-outs etc) to the receptionist at the end of the day for recycling (our badges can be re-used several times and it is important that we are able to do this)
  4. if you are looking for training options, you could consider asking TRA to deliver training for you on an in-house basis ie where we come to you (this is not only more environmentally friendly but it can also be more cost-effective).