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12 June 2018 - Examiner recommends West Horsley Neighbourhood Plan for referendum

The examination of the West Horsley Neighbourhood Plan, submitted to TRA by Guildford Borough Council, was completed at the end of May. Examiner David Kaiserman concluded that, subject to a number of modifications, the Plan meets the "basic conditions" and other legal tests required. He therefore recommended that the Plan should proceed to a Referendum once modified.

11 June 2018 - Planning Jobs Board - current vacancies

Here is our pick of the current vacancies on our Planning Jobs Board - with closing dates in June and early July.

11 June 2018 - Training workshops for 2018-19 - don't miss out!

The TRA Workshop Programme for 2018-19 got off to a good start this month with two popular workshops taking place at our London venue. The next two workshops, which will be in September, are now fully booked. However we do have workshops coming up later with places still available including a brand new workshop and one introduced to the programme just a couple of years ago: An Introduction to Masterplanning and The Enforcement Toolkit and how to use it.  Both will be running at The Wesley in London on 20 November 2018.

11 June 2018 - Another successful Conference for Planning Support Staff

TRA’s latest annual Conference for Planning Support took place at the Wesley in London on the 24th May. The event was attended by just over 70 participants and covered a range of topics designed to enhance participants’ knowledge and understanding, regardless of their background or experience.

08 June 2018 - Forum on Enforcement 2018 - details now available

Details have now been finalised for this year's Forum on Enforcement taking place in Manchester on 11 October 2018. TRA has always recognised enforcement as a vital part of the planning process and for almost 30 years have been providing a range of training and education opportunities for those involved in planning enforcement. The Forum has been one of the mainstays in our annual programme providing excellent CPD and a valuable opportunity to meet and exchange views and experiences with other practitioners.

08 June 2018 - Post Election Councillor training: half day training also available

For some, local elections were held in May and those authorities may well be considering the options for providing training for Councillors who are involved in the planning process.  TRA understands that time can be a very important factor when organising training for Councillors.  It is becoming more common for us to deliver shorter training sessions (usually 3 hours) in either a morning, afternoon or evening; a shorter session could be the perfect solution for you if a one-day workshop is not a viable option. 

08 June 2018 - Maidstone BC and neighbours learn about Viability

Maidstone Borough Council recently commissioned TRA to deliver a series of in-house training workshops.  The most recent session was entitled Viability: what planners need to know and was attended by both Maidstone staff and staff from neighbouring authorities.

08 May 2018 - The end of an era for TRA's certificated enforcement course

After more than two decades of hard work and commitment Vivien Green has now stepped down as main Course Tutor for TRA's Certificated Course in Planning Enforcement. But fear not Vivien fans....

08 May 2018 - Workshops coming up in the 2018-19 Training Programme

Since the recent launch of our new Training Workshop Programme for 2018-19, bookings have been going very well and some of the earlier workshops are now almost fully booked. Looking ahead, we have several workshops coming up later in the year still with availability, including three due to take place in Manchester on 6 November, covering a range of different topics including A Beginner's Guide to Processing Planning Applications, Planning Conditions and Viability.

02 May 2018 - Newcastle planners polish up their presenting skills

Planners, and particularly middle-tier managers, often find themselves thrust into the spotlight by having to make presentations to Planning Committees, Area Committees, pressure groups, other stakeholders etc. These presentations often represent "make or break" occasions and how they go can have a significant impact on the quality of the outcome being sought. However, it is still unusual to find that those presenting have had any formal training in presentation skills. It is with this in mind that TRA was recently commissioned to deliver an in-house training workshop on behalf of Newcastle Upon Tyne City Council, entitled Presentation Skills for Planners.

02 May 2018 - Malvern Hills Councillors learn the importance of planning for Green Infrastructure

Malvern Hills District Council recently commissioned TRA to develop and deliver a bespoke half-day workshop for the benefit of their elected members on Green Infrastructure. This workshop covered key aspects of Green Infrastructure at a strategic and a local level giving members an insight into this increasingly important aspect of planning and development. Touching on design issues, impacts on viability and cost-effective multi-functional solutions, the workshop provided examples and case studies to illustrate the opportunities to integrate Green Infrastructure into new development to support health and wellbeing, quality of place and boost natural capital.