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20 November 2019 - Don't miss our Introduction to Masterplanning

One of our relatively new workshops focuses on the masterplanning process for the benefit of those who are new to this aspect of planning or who have limited experience.  An Introduction to Masterplaning featured in the TRA programme for the first time in 2018-19 and has also been delivered successfully on an in-house basis. It will next be running in London on 5 March 2020 and there are places available if you would like to attend.

19 November 2019 - Planning Jobs Board - current vacancies

Here is our pick of the current vacancies on our Planning Jobs Board - with closing dates in November and December.

19 November 2019 - Helping officers to handle difficult customer interactions

It doesn’t matter how long you have been in planning, the chances are you will have been involved in some form of disagreement over planning issues at some point; whether with developers, their agents, the public or even elected members. Whilst the nature of the disagreement itself may be different, there will always be common factors that can be handled with a range of common skills and techniques. With this in mind, Arun District Council recently commissioned TRA to deliver a two-day course for their officers...

19 November 2019 - Councillors too busy for training?

TRA has been delivering training on planning for Councillors for many years and we understand that squeezing in training can be difficult for Councillors because of all the other demands on their time. That is why we now offer short training sessions (3 hours) based on our two most popular one-day workshops for delivery exclusively on an in-house basis. These can be delivered in a morning, afternoon or evening to suit an authority’s particular requirements. One authority that recently commissioned TRA on this basis was Uttlesford District Council.

19 November 2019 - Parson Drove Neighbourhood Plan recommended for referendum

The latest Neighbourhood Plan to be examined by one of TRA's independent Examiners is for Parson Drove in Cambridgeshire. David Kaiserman was appointed to examine the Plan and it was submitted to TRA by Fenland District Council in October.

18 November 2019 - Workshops in Glasgow looking at Design and Permitted Development

The final two workshops in our current programme for Scotland are coming up on 4 February 2020 in Glasgow . One will be focusing on Design in Planning Applications and the other will look at PD and Prior Approval Notifications.  Once these workshops have taken place, there are no more TRA  events scheduled for the rest of 2020, so this is the last chance for now if you would like to attend one of our training events and we would be delighted to see you there!

25 October 2019 - Neighbourhood Plan exams - latest news

October has seen the submission of two further neighbourhood plans to TRA for examination, one for Fenland DC and one for Rushcliffe BC, and the introduction of a new yet highly experienced Examiner - Peter Biggers - to our team.

23 October 2019 - Is finding time for training a problem for your Councillors?

If so, TRA can help. We understand that time can be a key factor for Councillors when it comes to training due to the high demands on their time.  That is why TRA offers two short planning training sessions (3 hours) based on our two most popular full-day workshops. These are available for delivery exclusively on an in-house basis in either a morning, afternoon or evening to suit an authority’s particular requirements. Three authorities that recently commissioned TRA on this basis are the London Borough of Merton, Ryedale District Council and West Lindsey District Council.

22 October 2019 - Examiner recommends Tower Hamlets CIL Schedule for approval

The London Borough of Tower Hamlets submitted its new Draft CIL Charging Schedule to TRA on 24 May 2019. The examination was conducted by experienced Examiner Terry Kemmann-Lane and a hearing was held on 1 August. The Examiner's report concluded that the Charging Schedule should be approved. 

21 October 2019 - Workshops on Permitted Development and Design in Planning Applications

The Autumn section of this year's Training Workshop Programme kicked off recently with three workshops taking place in London, two of which we are pleased to say ran at full capacity. The other events are booking up well but we have two workshops due to take place in Manchester on 23 January 2020 on which places are currently still available. But don't wait too long to snap up places on 'Permitted Development and dealing with Prior Approval Notifications' and 'Design in Planning Applications: how to add value' 

21 October 2019 - Highland Council and neighbours consider design in the planning process

TRA has been designing and delivering urban design training for planning officers and Committee Members in local authorities in England, Scotland and Wales since 1996.  Recently, Highland Council along with Shetland, Moray and the Western Isles commissioned TRA to deliver an in-house session on Design in Planning Applications: how to add value. Participant feedback was excellent.