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13 February 2018 - Planning Jobs Board - current vacancies

Here is our pick of the current vacancies on our Planning Jobs Board - with closing dates in February and March.

12 February 2018 - Training on protected trees for Rushmoor BC Councillors

Rushmoor Borough Council recently appointed TRA to prepare and deliver a short bespoke evening training session for their Councillors on Trees and the Planning Process. The workshop provided training on protected trees, in particular tree preservation orders, for those with a limited arboricultural knowledge base or non-arboricultural background.

12 February 2018 - Cheryl celebrates 20 years at TRA!

Congratulations to Cheryl Howarth on reaching 20 years as a crucial member of the TRA office team, having joined way back in February 1998. 

09 February 2018 - 2018-19 Training Programme for England and Wales now available

The TRA 2018-19 Training Programme for planning and development practitioners in England and Wales has now been finalised and can be viewed on our website. It features four brand new workshops along with several well-established events and our popular discounted block-booking scheme continues.

08 February 2018 - Latest Neighbourhood Plans submitted to TRA for examination

Two more Neighbourhood Plans have been submitted to TRA for examination in the last couple of weeks: for Repton in South Derbyshire and South Petherton in South Somerset.

06 February 2018 - South Gloucestershire prepare staff to be Effective Witnesses

TRA was recently commissioned to deliver a one-day in-house workshop on behalf of South Gloucestershire Council.  Being an Effective Witness at Inquiry was aimed at both planners and other professionals, in this case the authority’s Solicitors and transport staff, who may be required to act as an expert witnesses at an Inquiry.

12 January 2018 - Brand new workshop on delivering large sites

As part of our 2018-19 workshop programme TRA is introducing a brand new workshop for those involved in the planning and delivery of strategic sites.  An Introduction to Delivering Large Sites will explore the delivery process for large sites, from the importance of formulating a robust policy through to Section 106 techniques for ensuring infrastructure is provided.  It will be useful for anyone involved in the planning process for large schemes including both Policy and Development Management officers. 

12 January 2018 - Certificated enforcement course embraces distance learning

To better reflect modern training practices and to make the course more accessible to students we recently made some changes to the format of our Certificated Course in Planning Enforcement.  Crucially, we have introduced distance learning elements which are undertaken via TRA's own online Learning Portal.  The 21st century has arrived at TRA!  We're delighted to say that the Learning Portal has been well received by the first batch of 20 students.

11 January 2018 - St Albans Councillors learn about issues around planning enforcement

Effective enforcement is essential in order to maintain the integrity of an authority's plan-making and decision taking processes. It is with this in mind that St Albans contacted TRA to prepare and deliver a short in-house workshop for their Members.

11 January 2018 - Wigan MBC provides training to help investment in their town's heritage

After securing funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, Wigan MBC recently commissioned TRA to prepare a training session to assist in creating a Townscape Heritage Initiative (THI) for an area of the town.  The session was for the benefit of local authority staff and developers, to help promote investment in older buildings and encourage their re-use, e.g. benefits, problems and issues, how to overcome, finding the best and most viable uses etc.

09 January 2018 - 2017-18 Programme to close with two workshops in London

The 2017-18 Training Workshop Programme will come to an end with two workshops taking place at The Wesley in London on 1 March 2018. Both workshops - Supporting the Processing of Planning Applications: from receipt to appeals and Negotiation Skills: the key to achieving planning goals and objectives are well-established mainstays in our training portfolio and have been very well attended in the past. However they will be rested from the 2018-19 programme currently being developed, to make way for new workshops, so don't miss out on this chance to attend.