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10 October 2017 - Planning Jobs Board - current vacancies

Here is our pick of the current vacancies on our Planning Jobs Board - with closing dates in October.

10 October 2017 - Examiner recommends revised Southwark CIL Schedule for approval

Southwark Council submitted its Draft revised CIL Charging Schedule to TRA for examination at the end of May. The schedule was examined by experienced examiner Terrence Kemmann-Lane, with a hearing held on 26 July.  The Examiner submitted his report to the Council in late August, in which he concluded that the Charging Schedule should be approved, subject to minor modifications. 

06 October 2017 - Four workshops to choose from in Edinburgh in November!

The 2017-18 Training workshop Programme for Scotland sees the next group of workshops taking place at the Edinburgh Training and Conference Centre during the first week in November. Places are still available on all these workshops at the moment, however prompt booking is recommended to reserve your place.

05 October 2017 - Bucks CC gets up to speed with new EIA Regulations

The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Regulations were updated in May 2017 and are a complete replacement for the 2011 version. Buckinghamshire County Council recently commissioned TRA to deliver an in-house workshop on Environmental Impact Assessments for officers and consultees. 

05 October 2017 - Would your Town & Parish Councils benefit from training on planning?

TRA has a large portfolio of training workshops for Councillors, which includes in-house training specifically aimed at Town & Parish Councillors.  Many of our District Council clients have been keen to organise this kind of training for their Town/Parish Councils with most of them running several repeat sessions.  The most popular option is our half-day workshop A Briefing on Planning for Town and Parish Councils.

05 October 2017 - Two more Neighbourhood Plan Examinations completed

TRA Examiners recently completed a further two Neighbourhood Plan Examinations, both for areas in Central Bedfordshire

07 September 2017 - Trees and the Planning Process: training for Councillors

As the UK’s leading provider of practitioner-presented training for Councillors involved in planning, TRA has trained Councillors in more than 250 local authorities throughout England, Scotland and Wales. Where Councillors have already undertaken basic training, we can offer more detailed sessions on specific aspects of planning. These are mainly half-day "modules" with a single presenter and one of these is our workshop on Trees and the Planning Process.

06 September 2017 - TRA welcomes new staff member, Karen Parkes

We are delighted to introduce the newest member of the TRA team, Karen Parkes, who joined our core staff in Bolton as Training Event Co-ordinator at the beginning of August. She will be dealing with inter-authority workshops and conferences and our Certificated Course in Planning Enforcement. 

05 September 2017 - Customer care in planning and how to improve it

In a society that expects high quality service at minimum cost, delivering a quality service that leaves the customer satisfied and reduces the number of unnecessary "interactions" has to be a high priority for any successful manager and their staff.  TRA offers a workshop that provides an understanding of why customer-care matters more than ever before. Managing the Planning Customer’s Experience is available on an in-house basis (where we come to you) and is equally applicable to both professional and support staff.

04 September 2017 - Latest updates on Neighbourhood Plan exams

The latest Neighbourhood Plan to be submitted to TRA for Independent Examination is the Wrestlingworth & Cockayne Hately Neighbourhood Plan, submitted by Central Bedfordshire Council. Two other Neighbourhood Plan examinations were completed in August for Peterborough City Council.  

04 August 2017 - Planning Support Staff - vital to effective planning service delivery

At TRA we recognise the vital role played by planning support staff and the important contribution they make to their authority's ability to provide an efficient planning service. This is reflected in the large number of training opportunities we provide for those in a planning support role. Here's a selection of workshops from the 2017-18 programme for England & Wales which would be of particular benefit to these crucial staff members.