Would your Town & Parish Councils benefit from training on planning?

Trevor Roberts Associates (TRA) is the UK’s leading provider of practitioner-presented training for Councillors involved in planning and has trained Councillors in over 250 local authorities throughout the UK with an extensive track record of positive results.

We have a large portfolio of training workshops for Councillors, which includes in-house training specifically aimed at Town & Parish Councillors.  Many of our District Council clients have been keen to organise this kind of training for their Town/Parish Councils with many of them running several repeat sessions.

The most popular option is our half-day workshop A Briefing on Planning for Town and Parish Councils. Suitable for Councillors and Clerks, it is designed to help them make a more effective contribution to the Development Management process. It is a general Planning overview and the main aims of the session are:

  • to familiarise participants with the overall framework of the planning system and where development management fits into this           
  • to explain the basic components of the development management process and where Parish/Town Councils fit in
  • to explain some key concepts of the development management decision-making process, to enable Parish/Town Councils to relate to these effectively
  • generally, to clarify the potential for, and the limitations of, Parish/Town Council input.


Some feedback from our most recent session, delivered on behalf of Arun District Council by TRA Presenter, Jed Griffiths, is as follows:

  • It was a fast and brief workshop.  The material considerations exercise was good.  Rosie Costan
  • Comprehensive and interesting.  G Muss
  • Excellent presentation.  A very good workshop, trainer was very good, excellent delivery of information. Jan Rufy
  • Gave meat to the bones of planning info which I already had and even surprised me in some areas. I learnt a lot! Lilian Richardson.

In line with our usual approach to training, the session is delivered in an informal, yet structured atmosphere allowing plenty of opportunity for questions. The workshop lasts for three hours and can be delivered at a convenient time in either a morning, afternoon or evening.

For more information on this session, or to see an outline programme, please contact Angela Holmes directly.  The prices we quote are inclusive of all of our fees, presenter’s expenses and pre-course/course documentation. This means that there are no ‘hidden extras’ and our clients are aware from the outset what they can expect to pay at the invoicing stage.