Workshops in Glasgow in November - reserve your places now!

The 2018-19 Training Workshop Programme for Scotland continues in November with 3 workshops taking place at The Novotel Hotel in Glasgow on 13 November 2018. This latest batch includes a brand new addition to the Scotland programme. Places are still available on all these events however prompt booking is recommended.

Advertisement Control
Advertisement control is an increasingly important yet often misunderstood part of the planning regime. The present Scottish Advertisement Regulations came into force in 1984 and have remained substantially unaltered. This workshop provides a clear insight into the complexities of the Regulations using real life examples at each stage. The workshop will be of benefit to development management, enforcement and support officers. Specific aspects covered include: what is an advertisement; advertisements not covered by the Regulations; deemed and express consents; Areas of Special Control; advertisement enforcement and flyposting.

Feedback from previous participants has been very positive and some of their comments include:

  • "Even managed to exceed expectations! Good mix of factual content and relevant topical trivia." Alex Laidler, East Dunbartonshire Council
  • "Very informative. In depth discussion relating to advertisement control. This session has been a great refresher in this area and has given me a greater understanding in applying and interpreting the regs. Great visual examples." Fiona Knighton, North Ayrshire Council

Effective Planning Appeals
This recent addition to the programme is a masterclass from a serving reporter on up-to-date best practice in presenting and resisting planning appeals made to the Scottish Ministers. The session will be appropriate for both public and private sector professionals and will feature: a review of the 2013 appeals regulations; experience of the management of other procedures such as report cases and Electricity Act casework; guidance on responding to procedure notices, further written submissions, hearings and public inquiry sessions; an update on electronic working and document management; the expenses circular and some recent examples.

This workshop has also recevied positive feedback with comments from previous participants including:

  • "Exceeded expectations. Presenter made a relatively dry topic extremely interesting and informative." Julie Hanna, North Ayrshire Council
  • "Frances clearly dispelled any issues regarding the procedural aspects of the appeals system in a plain English style. The delivery of the course made the audience look at the process through a reporter’s eyes with some useful practical tips and appeal cases to paint the picture." Kevin McCormack, City Property Glasgow LLP

Presentation Skills for Planners (NEW)
Planners and particularly middle-tier managers often find themselves thrust into the spotlight by having to make presentations to Planning Committees, Area Committees, pressure groups, other stakeholders etc. These presentations often represent "make or break" occasions and how they go can have a significant impact on the quality of the outcome being sought. However, it is unusual to find that those presenting have had any formal training on presentation skills. This interactive workshop will raise participants' awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses and provide some tried and tested tips and techniques to help them get their message across effectively.

This new addition to the Scotland Programme has already run a number of times on an in-house basis for authorities in England and has been exceptionally well received with comments of previous participants including:

  • "Exceeded expectations. Presenter covered the course in an engaging manner and catered for Planners of varying levels. Addressed issues in a friendly manner and took the time to cover any queries we had. Excellent course and definitely beneficial for Planners hoping to progress with this skill. Will approach my presenting with the advice learned today." Barry Curran, Woking Borough Council
  • "I was very nervous about choosing to attend this event today but had no reason to be. It is helpful to know everyone in the group shares the same anxieties when it comes to delivering presentations and the Presenter made us all feel at ease offering some really good, supportive advice along the way. Thank you!" Charlotte Brown, Copeland Borough Council

Further details for all these workshops can be found on the TRA website via the above links. Bookings can be made online via the website. If you are unable to make a firm booking straight away, provisional bookings are recommended to reserve places and can be made by telephone on 01204 385678 or online.

Discounts of up to 15% are available under our Discounted Block Booking Scheme (depending on the total number of places booked). Further details of the scheme can be found on our website.