Workshops coming up in the New Year!

The 2017-18 Training Workshop Programme for England & Wales sees the last batch of events for 2017 taking place during November. There are no more places available on these remaining workshops, but looking ahead to 2018, we have four workshops coming up in January/February in Manchester covering a variety of subjects, on which a number of places are still available:

  • Development in the Green Belt - 31 January 2018
    The urgent need to provide more land for development has led to increasing pressures on the Green Belt since the publication of the NPPF. Whilst the government has maintained its commitment to protecting the Green Belt, the NPPF is significantly different from its predecessor PPG2. Using case law from a number of recent cases, this recently developed workshop has been revised for 2017-18 to provide an up-to-date résumé of how the courts have interpreted national policy and how this should be applied by Councils in local circumstances. Participants will work together on case studies to consider development proposals in the Green Belt in the light of those legal interpretations.
  • The Enforcement Toolkit and how to use it - 31 January 2018
    This recently developed workshop is ideally suited to those who are relatively new to planning enforcement as well as anyone who already has some experience of planning enforcement work including planning officers or lawyers who have any part to play in the taking of formal enforcement action.  Elements covered will include the collection of evidence, determining the nature of the breach, time limits for taking action, the timing of the assessment of expediency and what this entails. From this assessment "scenarios" should emerge which will indicate the appropriate action(s) and the range of tools that can be used. The workshop will look at the pros and cons of using these tools, the options for dealing with failure to comply with their requirements, knowing the offences and how they are prosecuted. Real life examples and case studies will be used throughout.  For previous participants of our popular 'Basics of Planning Enforcement' this workshop provides an ideal next step in their professional development.
  • Permitted Development and dealing with Prior Approval Notifications - 1 February 2018
    This workshop is suitable for any staff who have to deal with enquiries about Permitted Development or who need to understand PD in order to deal with alleged unauthorised development. This ever-relevant and popular workshop looks at how PD works and provides some crucial definitions and help in interpreting and applying the most frequently used classes of permitted development, many of which now include the prior approval notification procedure.  Its aim is to help participants develop the knowledge and confidence essential in dealing with these complex aspects of the planning process. The workshop will provide a useful opportunity to look in detail at Householder PD and how the Prior Notification procedure works, how applications should be processed and appeals/breaches handled. Crucially, it will provide an opportunity for delegates to ask any questions about PD and to be made aware of any further changes the Government are proposing to the regime.
  • The Language of Urban Design - 1 February 2018
    This recently developed workshop seeks to equip participants with a confident approach to negotiating and commenting on planning applications with an emphasis on clarity, objective criteria and communication to Members, stakeholders and developers. Using a variety of techniques, participants will explore the language of urban design through examples, field work and the exploration of local and national policy, in the context of best practice from the UK and abroad. Touching on developing, using and supporting local policy, the workshop will provide participants with an essential understanding of local distinctiveness, in the context of the NPPF. With specific exercises that define such matters as scale, form, massing, layout, parking, roofline, the use of materials and the integration of contemporary design in context, the workshop will provide a solid grounding in urban design for a wide range of development professionals.

Further details of all these workshops can be found on the TRA website via the above links. Places can be reserved via the online bookings page on the website where you can make either a provisional or a firm booking on any event you are interested in. Provisional bookings are recommended if you are unable to make a firm booking straight away, in order to avoid disappointment.

Don't forget - discounts of between 10 and 15% are available via our Block Booking scheme when booking 2 or more places at the same time over any number of events in the 2017-18 programme. More details of the scheme are available on the website.