Wirral MBC provide Councillors with an updated overview of planning

During the past 24 years we have successfully delivered in-house training sessions for thousands of Councillors in over 250 authorities across England, Wales and Scotland (you can see a full list on our website). We understand that training needs and the resources available for training (both in terms of time and money) vary between authorities and so we are keen to offer a variety of formats to make our training accessible to all.

As well as our popular ‘tried and tested’ one-day sessions for Councillors (A Briefing on Planning and The Role of Councillors in Planning) TRA also offers a one-day session combining elements of BOTH of these workshops giving Members a broader view of the basics of planning and their role within it. The training is presented in an interactive “workshop” format by one member of our presenting team and in line with our overall approach to training, includes as much practical work and discussion as possible.

Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council recently took this approach with the session being delivered by TRA presenter, David Kaiserman, resulting in excellent feedback:

  • Very good, useful for future discussions.  Steve Foulkes
  • Better than I expected. Great to get copies of slides etc.  Liz Grey
  • Fully met my expectations.  First rate, well delivered!  Tony Jones
  • Extremely helpful for a new member especially.  Allan Brame
  • Interesting, engaging and helpful. Thank you!  Wendy Clements
  • Important overview and recap in a changing world. Phil Gilchrist.

Where time constraints are particularly tight, we can also offer shorter training sessions (3 hours) in either a morning, afternoon or evening to suit an authority’s requirements.  This can be the perfect solution if a one-day workshop is not a viable option. The half-day sessions are essentially shortened down versions of the one-day Briefing and Role workshops and therefore some elements are necessarily condensed to accommodate the time available.

To see more information on the training we can deliver for Members, please visit the Councillor page on our website which answers the most frequently asked questions.

To receive a quotation or to obtain further information about a particular session, such as an outline programme, please do not hesitate to contact Angela Holmes.  Please note that the prices we quote are ‘all-in’ and so include all of our fees, presenter expenses and pre-course/course material, so there are no hidden extras and our clients are aware of what they can expect to pay at invoicing stage.