Upskilling on viability for Wigan planners

TRA was recently commissioned to deliver an in-house training workshop for Wigan Council on Viability: what planners need to know.

The workshop was aimed at those working in both policy and development management who want to understand the basics of development viability. Assuming no prior knowledge of the subject, it covered everything from national advice and guidance to applying viability in practice.  It considered viability for Local Plan policy development and testing, and in the context of DM decision making.  With a practical focus it aimed to de-mystify the viability 'black box', enabling participants to understand and evaluate the various components that make up viability and the different models and ways of assessing it.

Training was delivered by Presenter, Jayne Lomas. The workshop was well received by the attendees which was reflected in the excellent comments on the evaluation forms:

  • The presentation gave useful and detailed insight into the viability process. David Kearsley
  • A very good overview of terminology, tools and assessment techniques to assess viability appraisal. David Rawsthorne
  • Provided a very good intro to the viability process.  Covered all of the key issues and terminology. Mark Glover
  • Covered all points (and more) and gave areas to go away and research further. Very useful. Gareth Jones
  • A very useful grounding building up from the basics, plus useful information on current/emerging issues. David Proctor
  • I now feel more confident entering into viability discussions/negotiations. I have a much better understanding of what to look for and challenge in a viability appraisal and where to look to verify information submitted by developers.  Joe Nanson.

If you would be interested in receiving more information on the above workshop, then please do not hesitate to contact Angela Holmes for a no obligation quotation.