Training on protected trees for Rushmoor BC Councillors

Rushmoor Borough Council recently appointed TRA to prepare and deliver a short bespoke evening training session for their Councillors on Trees and the Planning Process.

The workshop provided training on protected trees, in particular tree preservation orders, for those with a limited arboricultural knowledge base or non-arboricultural background. The training allowed participants to understand how and why trees are protected and help determine the suitability of subject trees for the serving of a new TPO or whether works requested to such trees are suitable for their species and / or condition.

The main course objectives were to help attendees:

  • have a very basic understanding of tree biology
  • have a basic understanding of tree work
  • have an understanding of trees and the law
  • make appropriate new tree preservation orders
  • deal with objections and applications to carry out work to trees
  • carry out administration relating to Tree Preservation Orders
  • understand what reasonably to expect regarding information on trees during the planning process.

The session was prepared and delivered by TRA Presenter, Sharon Hosegood, and feedback from the attendees was extremely positive:

  • Definitely met my expectations; made many areas clearer. The Presenter gave a clear and confident presentation. An interesting workshop. Steve Masterson
  • Expertly presented and all questions answered satisfactorily. R. Dibbs
  • Presenter very knowledgeable and able to be ‘steered’ by those present and answer questions rather than rigidly sticking to a screen – very interesting! Liz Corps
  • Exceeded expectations – I expected a dry, brief presentation, but I loved the Presenter’s passion! Barbara Hurst
  • A very useful workshop on a subject that can be complex and difficult for our residents to understand and appreciate. Les Taylor.

This workshop is available to all of our clients exclusively on an in-house basis, so if you would like to receive further details, such as an outline programme, please do not hesitate to contact Angela Holmes for a detailed quotation.