The end of an era for TRA's certificated enforcement course

After more than two decades of hard work and commitment Vivien Green has now stepped down as main Course Tutor for TRA's Certificated Course in Planning Enforcement.

The course recently underwent some changes to its format, principally to introduce distance learning elements via our new online Learning Portal. The introduction of the new format provided a timely opportunity for Vivien to hand over responsibility to fellow Tutor Michael Hyde who has been involved in the course for the last couple of years and was instrumental in the development of the new format.  

Looking back, Vivien says: "As I prepared (at rather short notice) for that very first Tutorial Session back in 1996 I might have been surprised but certainly delighted to know how the modules would evolve and still be running strong in 2018 as I handover to Mike Hyde. 

Over the 20+ years there have been times when it was hard work, particularly presenting back-to-back modules and all the marking that involved, but one constant pleasure was working at Madingley Hall. There have also been many highlights (far too many to mention here), but foremost must be the people I have met over many modules. I have never ceased to be astounded how "students" from a wide range of backgrounds have somehow risen to the challenge and managed to fit in the work I asked of them around their day job and getting on with their lives. It has been a real pleasure to see how students (from wherever they started) through increased knowledge of enforcement procedures and practices developed confidence in their abilities. For many, particularly "lone workers", I have seen how the modules have also enabled them to build-up useful contacts and support networks. I am delighted that for some people working for the certificate encouraged them to take the next step to degree qualifications and for others it has been a career enhancer. I must also credit how much I have learnt from many individuals and the Tutorial Sessions over the years and to say how grateful I am to Shelagh Pooley for her support and smooth administration of the programme. 

But I am not "retiring". I will still be running a wide range of in-house and inter-authority workshops and intend to be around at the Enforcement Forums so I hope to keep in touch with many former students and that you will keep in touch with me."

We are extremely grateful to Vivien for her huge contribution to the development and success of the certificated course and want to thank her on behalf of TRA and all the students she has encouraged and inspired over the years.