Shelagh Pooley set to retire after nearly 17 years

Many of our ENews readers will have met or spoken to Shelagh Pooley over the years either in connection with our inter-authority workshops and conferences or as students on our Certificated Courses in Cambridge. Equally, if you've ever telephoned TRA, it was probably Shelagh who answered (South African/slightly posh sounding accent - you know the one!)

We are sorry to say that Shelagh has decided to retire from her office role with TRA although she will still be providing reception cover at several of our events in the short-term.  The office team will miss her very much. She is currently handing over her duties to our new member of staff, Karen Parkes (more about Karen to follow..) and will be in the office one day a week for the rest of August before finally handing back her keys and parking pass!

We asked her to say a few words before she goes ...

It is nearly 17 years since I started working for TRA. I hadn’t been in the UK very long and I was embarking on a steep learning curve – English and especially northern English culture and humour, the geography of this busy little island, the pronunciation of place names, the public transport system, new vocabulary and most of all, this new job! My TRA colleagues have been invaluable in educating me through all of this (they would probably say that they haven’t finished yet!)

I had to learn fast – there was always a new challenge. I get bored easily but I have never been bored while working for TRA. Sometimes frustrated, exasperated or stressed, often tired but never bored. There has been a lot of learning, fun and companionship and many laughs. The constant variety of work, people and places made the years fly past.

And now it is time to hand my desk over to someone else. I want to thank all of you – TRA staff, presenters, associates at the venues, and last but definitely not least, the clients with whom I’ve worked every day for a lo-ong time for a wonderful working experience. It has been great meeting and getting to know all of you!  Cheers!