Runnymede and neighbours explore complexities of advert control

TRA was recently commissioned by Runnymede District Council to deliver a one-day, in-house session on Understanding and enforcing advertisement control for their staff and staff from neighbouring authorities.

All advertisements affect the appearance of an area or the building or structure on which they are displayed and the main purpose of the advertisement control system is to ensure they do not detract from the appearance of the environment.

The law relating to advertisements is very detailed and quite distinct from other forms of planning control.  Virtually all outdoor advertisements are within the scope of the 2007 Regulations but this is a complex document.  In order for an Enforcement Officer to deal with complaints he/she must be familiar with the different categories of advertisement and understand which advertisements are exempt, what constitutes deemed consent or when the express consent of the LPA is required and the basis on which these advertisements can be controlled. 

The key objectives of the workshop were to help participants have a better understanding of advertisement control and the current Regulations, be able to judge what form of enforcement action is appropriate in particular circumstances and be aware of the pitfalls that should be avoided in good practice.

The workshop included:

  • the background to advertisement control
  • legislation relating to advertisements and the definition of what is an advertisement
  • the categories of advertisement
  • deemed/express consents and the standard conditions
  • investigation and follow up action on advertisement complaints
  • enforcement powers and when it is expedient to use them
  • how to deal with prosecutions.

Training was delivered by popular Presenter, Vivien Green, and the feedback from participants was excellent:

  • Very thorough and comprehensive. The Presenter presents the material in a very engaging way.  Chris Dale, Woking
  • A tricky subject well worth devoting time to. I am enthused with new ideas. K Baldwin, Elmbridge
  • Very detailed and introduced new areas which I wasn’t aware of.  Lots of up-to-date relevant cases. Louise Waten, Runnymede
  • Very good workshop covering a particularly difficult topic.  Dave Calvert, Woking
  • Made the advert regs clearer for me and the ways of dealing with advert prosecution and enforcement procedures.  Tom Fry, Tandridge.

If you are interested in finding out more about this in-house workshop, please contact Angela Holmes directly, to receive a no obligation quotation.