Newcastle planners polish up their presenting skills

Planners, and particularly middle-tier managers, often find themselves thrust into the spotlight by having to make presentations to Planning Committees, Area Committees, pressure groups, other stakeholders etc. These presentations often represent "make or break" occasions and how they go can have a significant impact on the quality of the outcome being sought. However, it is still unusual to find that those presenting have had any formal training in presentation skills.

It is with this in mind that TRA was recently commissioned to deliver an in-house training workshop on behalf of Newcastle Upon Tyne City Council, entitled Presentation Skills for Planners.

This interactive workshop helped to raise participants' awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses and provided some tried and tested tips and techniques to help them get their message across.

The session was developed and delivered by TRA Presenter, Chris Weetman, and the feedback from the participants was excellent:

  • A practical course; was an excellent way to learn and understand where you can make improvements and the importance of being prepared and to rehearse in advance of public speaking.  Lucille Robertson
  • The opportunity to present, receive feedback and then try to implement the feedback in the afternoon was very useful and better than just a day of entirely theory.  Most of what was said is extremely sensible and well thought through, but not all is apparent until put to you in this forum.  Colin Rising
  • Thoroughly enjoyed the training and will take a lot away with me to work on and improve. Excellent presentation by the trainer.  Matthew Storey
  • Exceeded expectations.  Very helpful and practical. Great that it came from a Local Authority planning perspective; very relevant.  Scott Henderson
  • I was unsure what to expect, but found the day interesting and really informative.  It gave me some good tips and pointers; and I found that taking me out of my comfort zone made me realise the importance of the fundamentals of a good presentation.  Andrew Holmes.

If you would like to receive more information on this course, such as an outline programme, then please contact Angela Holmes who can provide you with a detailed quotation.

Please remember that the prices we quote are ‘all-in’ so there are no hidden extras and our clients are aware from the outset what they can expect to pay at the invoicing stage.