Modified neighbourhood plan passes independent examination

Modifications to "made" neighbourhood plans are provided for in the legislation. With the earliest neighbourhood plans now having been in place for around six years, there are a number of revised or "modified" plans coming through which require independent examination. 

The Horninglow & Eton Neighbourhood Plan has been part of the statutory development plan for East Staffordshire since it was made in March 2015. A modified version of the plan was submitted to TRA in August and has been examined by David Kaiserman.  The proposed modifications to the plan related to a single policy on car parking standards. Following his examination, Mr Kaiserman recommended that the local planning authority should make the plan, with the proposed modifications. 

Mr Kaiserman agreed with the Qualifying Body and the LPA that although the modifications proposed are “material” they do not change the nature of the plan and therefore, as set out in Schedule A2 to the Planning & Compulsory Purchase Act, a referendum would not be required on this occasion.

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