Is finding time for training a problem for your Councillors?

If so, TRA can help. We understand that time can be a key factor for Councillors when it comes to training due to the high demands on their time because of personal and/or business/authority commitments.  That is why TRA produced two short planning training sessions (3 hours) based on our two most popular one-day workshops for delivery exclusively on an in-house basis in either a morning, afternoon or evening to suit an authority’s particular requirements.

Two authorities that recently commissioned TRA on this basis are Mole Valley District Council and Hull City Council.

Mole Valley ran a short ‘Role of Councillors in Planning’ session and the workshop was delivered by TRA Associate, Jed Griffiths. The session was essentially a shortened version of the full-day workshop of the same name. It provided an insight into good practice and focused on the often complex issues around a Councillor’s role and the manner in which they must conduct themselves.

Hull City ran a short ‘Briefing on Planning’.  Again, based on the full day workshop this session covers the basic policy and procedural aspects of the UK planning system. It is a “briefing”, giving an introduction and an overview for the benefit of any Councillors involved/interested in the topic, with a particular focus on development management.  This session was delivered by TRA Associate, David Kaiserman.

So if your members have any particular training requirements, but time is of the essence, there is always the option of delivering shorter training sessions. You can see more details on the above workshops and other short sessions for Councillors on specific aspects of planning on our website.

For more information, or to discuss organising in-house training, please feel free to contact Angela Holmes directly.