Get value for money with in-house training from TRA

Training budgets for LPAs may be extremely tight, but neglecting training can often prove to be short-sighted. It is precisely in times like these when you really need your key resources – i.e. your staff – to be working effectively and efficiently.

Commissioning in-house training from TRA makes real economic sense at any time, but especially in the current climate. Organising a workshop on an in-house basis represents a unique opportunity to have training which matches the requirements of the staff and the authority, delivered in a way which is both cost effective and convenient.

TRA has extensive experience of delivering in-house training for staff involved in planning, having trained staff in over 260 authorities

Examples of some of the workshops currently on offer include:

  • The Basics of Planning
  • A Beginner's Guide to Processing Planning Applications
  • Permitted Development and Dealing with Prior Approval Notifications
  • The Use of Conditions: necessary, precise and enforceable
  • Negotiation Skills: the key to achieving planning goals and objectives
  • Viability: what Planners need to know
  • An Introduction to Delivering Large Strategic Sites and New Settlements
  • Appearing at Local Plan/LDP Examinations
  • An Introduction to Masterplanning
  • An Introduction to Appeals
  • Appearing at Hearings
  • Writing Effective Reports: making the best of your case (and your time)
  • How Planning Enforcement Works - NEW
  • Ensuring Effective Enforcement: drafting the notice through to compliance
  • Understanding and Enforcing Outdoor Advertisement Control - NEW
  • Enforcement of Listed Building Control
  • The Enforcement Toolkit and how to use it – NEW

A full list can be viewed on our website. Please note that we are more than happy to consider designing bespoke/tailored workshops for individual clients if required, so let us know if you have any specific requirements.

In-house workshops can easily be organised for a single local authority or for a group of neighbouring authorities joining together. Joint sessions have proved particularly useful for smaller authorities where they don’t have quite enough staff to make an in-house session viable themselves.  See the advantages for the client authority when running in-house training. 

The prices we quote are inclusive of all of our fees, presenter’s expenses and pre-course/course documentation. This means that there are no ‘hidden extras’ and our clients are aware from the outset what they can expect to pay at the invoicing stage.  To see an outline programme for any of our in-house sessions, or to have a no-commitment discussion about in-house training, please contact Angela Holmes.