East Hants Councillors consider the principles of urban design

East Hampshire Council recently commissioned TRA to deliver an in-house session on the principles of urban design for their elected Members.

In order to assist Councillors with their important planning role, the workshop involved a series of short seminars on basic design concepts, plenty of opportunity for discussions about the principles of good urban design as well as a local site visit which always proves to be very popular.

Specific aspects covered included:

  • what is the point of urban design?
  • qualities of public space; permeability, vitality, variety, legibility
  • planning guidance and best practice
  • use of planning briefs and design statements
  • landscape and public open space considerations
  • modern buildings in historic context.

By the end of the workshop, participants were able to understand the spirit and purpose of urban design; key qualities of built environments in urban design terms; and how physical design can be used to enhance these qualities in practice.

The workshop was developed and delivered by TRA Presenter, Tim Crawshaw, and participant feedback was excellent:

  • A good explanation of various aspects and impacts of design on an urban landscape. Cllr C Lomsson
  • All very useful for design considerations in future developments. A very useful consideration of the good and the bad in urban design, from every angle.  Cllr Angela Glass
  • An excellent first introduction to the subject.  Reference works mentioned will be very helpful for future study. Cllr David Evans.

If you feel that your Councillors would benefit for a training workshop on Design Considerations and the Principles of Urban Design, please do not hesitate to contact Angela Holmes who will be more than happy to provide you with a no-obligation proposal.