Bucks CC gets up to speed with new EIA Regulations

The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Regulations were updated in May 2017 and are a complete replacement for the 2011 version. Many local planning authorities are still unsure about how to interpret the EIA Regulations leading to delays, appeals and in some cases, High Court challenges.

Buckinghamshire County Council recently commissioned TRA to deliver its workshop on Environmental Impact Assessment to some of their officers and consultees.

The workshop explained the origins of EIA and how it works; providing help in interpreting and applying the regulations. The workshop helped participants to develop knowledge and confidence, which are essential when dealing with this particular element of the development management system.

Specific aspects covered during the workshop included:

  • what is meant by Schedule 1 and Schedule 2 development
  • what needs to be considered for screening and scoping opinions and the associated procedural requirements
  • the local authority’s requirements before and after a formal decision
  • committee reports and the role of councillors in making formal decisions
  • important case law and appeal decisions relating to EIA.

The workshop was delivered by Senior TRA Presenter, Jed Griffiths, and participant feedback was encouraging:

  • An excellent speaker and excellent introduction to the subject matter. The handouts will hopefully help me to remember and fix some information.
  • Met my expectations and has given me some good indicators of where to go for further reading/information.
  • Filled in some gaps and clarified a few things I wasn’t sure about. Lots of valuable information to take in.
  • Thanks, it has given me a better understanding of the EIA process.
  • Interesting.  Good for us to be aware of the processes. It has definitely helped me understand the use and purpose of an EIA.
  • Cleared up several grey areas to do with enforcement and EIA.

This workshop is available exclusively on an in-house basis (where we come to you) and if you are interested in receiving more information on this workshop, such as an outline programme, then please do not hesitate to contact Angela Holmes, for a no-obligation quotation.