An early reminder - post-election training for Councillors

For a number of local authorities, Council elections will be taking place on Thursday 7th May 2020. We would like to remind those of you who are considering providing planning training in the post-election period about the importance of booking early to ensure that your Councillors don’t miss out on one of our extremely popular in-house training sessions.  Some authorities have already beaten the rush and have booked their preferred day!
We can respond to various training requirements, providing individual bespoke sessions as appropriate, but particularly popular in the post-election period are our one-day sessions:

1)    A Briefing on Planning for Councillors (two presenters) – covering planning procedures and policies, and focusing especially on Development Management

2)    The Role of Councillors in Planning: propriety and good practice (two presenters) - covering issues such as conflicts and declarations of interest, material considerations, lobbying, and making the decision

3)    A Planning workshop for Councillors (one presenter) – this session combines elements from both of the above workshops to give a broad overview of planning and a Councillor’s role.

A mixture of pre-prepared case studies and practical exercises are used during the sessions to help highlight key points and give the training a stronger impact. 

If the time commitment for Councillors is a major consideration we can also offer shorter sessions (3 hours) with flexible timings during a morning, afternoon or evening. These sessions are essentially shortened versions of the above Briefing on Planning or Role of Councillors one-day workshops and are delivered by one presenter.

Please note that demand is very high in the period immediately after the elections; so we would highly recommend that you get in touch as soon as possible to fix your preferred date and avoid any disappointment. 

The Training for Councillors section of our website provides further information, answers the most frequently asked questions and gives examples of feedback from previous attendees.

To receive a detailed quotation on any of the above workshops, please contact Angela Holmes without obligation. The prices that we quote are ‘all-in’ and therefore include all of our fees, presenter’s expenses and pre-course/course material. This means that there are no hidden extras and our clients are aware from the outset what they can expect to pay at the invoicing stage.

Don’t leave it until the last minute, contact us today!