A busy month ahead for TRA and in-house Officer training!

TRA has delivered in-house officer training on planning for more than 260 organisations across England, Scotland and Wales.  We are gearing up for a busy month in June with eleven in-house training courses set to run, for a mixture of both Officers and Support Staff.

Confirmed sessions include:

  • A workshop on Validation Planning Applications and related issues (Tower Hamlets)
  • Effective Validation: Good practice for all application types (Tower Hamlets)
  • Permitted Development and Dealing with Prior Approval Notifications (Bolsover)
  • The Basics of Planning and Permitted Development (Cheshire East)
  • Managing the Planning Customers Experience (Runnymede)
  • The Use of Conditions: necessary, precise and enforceable (Bolsover)
  • Design in Planning Applications: How to add Value (Runnymede
  • Negotiation Skills: the key to achieving planning goals and objectives (Mole Valley)
  • Writing Effective Reports: making the best use of your case and your time(Waverley)
  • Viability: What Planners need to know? (Cherwell)
  • Writing Effective Policies in the Local Plan (Havant).

Our in-house training provides a unique opportunity for local authorities to provide training matched to their requirements, run at or near their premises, in a systematic, cost-effective and more environmentally friendly way.  Where an individual authority does not have sufficient staff to run a workshop for themselves, it is possible to arrange sessions for a group of neighbouring authorities. In this case, we simply need a lead authority to be identified for organisational purposes.

Training takes the form of workshops with a limited number of participants (usually maximum of 20 people) and an interactive, participatory style with discussion and practical exercises/case studies.

If you think that your authority would benefit from running an in-house training course please contact Angela Holmes for more information or to discuss your requirements.  Details of our most popular in-house sessions can be found on our website.