2019-20 Workshop Programme opens with brand new workshop

Our 2019-20 Training Programme for England & Wales sees the first two workshops taking place in London on 20 June 2019. One is a popular recent addition to the programme and the other is a brand new workshop making its first outing:

Viability: what planners need to know
Assuming no prior knowledge of the subject this popular workshop will cover everything from national advice and guidance to applying viability in practice.  It considers viability for Local Plan policy development and testing, and in the context of Development Management decision making.   Drawing on examples of good practice, appeal decisions and case law it seeks to de-mystify the viability 'black box' enabling participants to understand and evaluate the various components that make up viability, and the different models and ways of assessing it. Through presentations, discussions and a wide variety of practical exercises, the workshop also gives participants the opportunity to begin applying their knowledge in practice by considering viability issues and challenges they are currently facing and ways in which these may be resolved.

Feedback from previous participants has been very positive with some of their comments including:

  • “A comprehensive overview of changing viability position. Good balance in what could be a very technical subject matter.”  David Eaves, Havant Borough Council
  • “Was a lot more informative, interesting and in plain English than I expected! Good balance of presentation and tasks to be completed.”  Jennifer Winter, East Hampshire District Council
  • “Good grounding for basis of assessing appraisals, including understanding terminology.” Helen Goulden, Harrogate Borough Council

How Planning Enforcement Works (NEW)
The integrity of any authority’s planning process, and the planning system in general, relies on effective enforcement when it is essential to deal with a breach of planning control. This workshop is aimed at staff who are either directly involved in enforcement work or who wish to have a contextual understanding of the system. It is designed for relatively new or less experienced enforcement staff but will also provide a useful “back to basics” review for those who have been in the role for some time but who have not have had much formal training.  Specific aspects covered will include: what is a breach of planning control; is there any unauthorised development; the complexity of the immunity rules; how to deal with complaints; evidence collection; and effective use of some of the key elements of the enforcement toolkit.

Further details including downloadable leaflets are available to view on the TRA website via the above links.

Bookings can be made online via the website. If you are unable to make a firm booking straight away, provisional bookings are recommended to reserve your place(s) and can be made by telephoning 01204 385678 or online. Discounts of between 10 and 15% are available under our Block Booking Scheme when booking 2 or more places at the same time (over any number of events in the programme).