Feedback on the Certificated Course in Enforcement

  • This course will have a lasting impact. Not only have I gained considerably from the experience, but the notes and assignments will provide a lasting reference for the entire enforcement team at Arun, enabling us all to perform better.
    Rosemarie Dannatt, Arun District Council
  • As a means of establishing a greater understanding of the planning enforcement function and its legislative foundation, what the function is intended to achieve, and how to use the tools available to their full potential, I cannot recommend this course more highly.
    Alan Barrett, South Derbyshire District Council
  • This is such a useful course. I feel much more confident in my decision making in this sometimes complicated area of planning. It's served to demistify some of the more complex elements.
    Kirstie May, West Sussex County Council
  • These modules should be compulsory to Enforcement Officers - how else would you learn the correct way?
    Debra Bell, South Cambridgeshire District Council
  • I cannot see how an Enforcement Officer can carry out their duties without the benefit of TRA's modules.
    Ron Goodyer, Stratford-on-Avon District Council
  • In my view, one of the things that makes these courses so successful is the flexibility of the tutor, the participation from attendees and the mixture of teaching methods. The tutorial sessions are really good and useful and good contacts are made with colleagues from other authorities. Plus, Madingley - what a setting?
    Sarah Iles, East Sussex County Council
  • The TRA enforcement course is a route to teach enforcement officers how much they can achieve. The detail in which it is taught and the methods of teaching are second to none. It's hard but if you put the work in, you will get so much more than you expected.
    Sean Baldock, Guildford Borough Council
  • I have found these modules totally invaluable and I feel extremely fortunate to have attended them.
    Jane Devine, London Borough of Greenwich
  • The TRA modules provide the best enforcement training there is. They have considerably added to my knowledge and confidence to do the job. It is the training that every monitoring and enforcement officer needs to effectively do their job. 
    Caroline Thomas, Eastleigh Borough Council
  • I have learnt more from TRA courses than any 'MA' in Town Planning will ever deliver - focussed, factual and relevant to the day to day job.
    Matthew Farmer, Shropshire Council
  • I would strongly recommend these modules to any planning enforcement officer.
    Clive Watts, Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council
  • Attending the Tutorials is very useful. However, the assignments make you think more about how the module fits in with your authority, thereby improving your understanding.
    Michelle Hoyles, North Kesteven District Council
  • Having worked in enforcement for over 4 years, I went with a certain knowledge to the course. However, I was surprised how much I did not know! The information was relevant and the presentation easily understood. I entered the course with a little trepidation but left feeling encouraged and better informed. 
    Justine Warner, Melton Borough Council
  • I would recommend attendance of this course to all enforcement officers, no matter how long they've been practising. From the basics of enforcement through to the complexities of material change of use I've learnt and re-learnt so much; I didn't realise how much I didn't know or had forgotten. 
    Andrew Dudley, Melton Borough Council
  • Madingley is a great place to learn, it has such a relaxing atmosphere that I feel contributed enormously to being able to learn and understand the complex planning system. All modules are extremely valuable.
    Ryan Dodd, East Lindsey District Council
  • This was my final module and whilst there has been a lot of work and learning to take on, I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. I really feel I have learnt to understand the often complicated job of Planning Enforcement. Thank you.
    Sarah Garbutt, East Lindsey District Council
  • These modules are exceptionally informative and practical. They have given me a greater confidence in carrying out my role as I feel that I now have a much improved understanding of the enforcement process.
    Kerry Mee, Stoke-on-Trent City Council