In-house Training For Officers - Features and Benefits


TRA workshops involve:

  • a limited number of participants (max. 20)
  • a structured but informal approach
  • an interactive, participatory style
  • discussion and practical exercises
  • interchange of participant experience
  • delivery by people who combine good practical experience with the necessary skills to get the message across.

Benefits and advantages

TRA has extensive experience of providing in-house training and the advantages are considerable:

  • the per capita cost is usually much lower than sending several staff on external events, even more so if joining up with neighbouring authorities, see Involving other authorities below
  • a one-day workshop can cost from as little as around £98 per person and we provide an 'all in' fixed price, so there are no hidden extras
  • travel is minimised, making it more environmentally friendly
  • time away from work is kept to a minimum, which is often a major consideration
  • training can be tailored to meet specific local requirements
  • the impact can be greater when groups of staff are involved in training together.

Involving other authorities

Authorities will be aware that the Government is keen to encourage greater collaboration between authorities, and in-house training provides an excellent opportunity for this.

Some benefits/features of joint in-house training are:

  • it can be the the most cost effective way of providing training, especially for smaller authorities or those in more remote areas
  • for administration purposes, only one representative is required to be the main contact point on behalf of all the authorities involved
  • it provides opportunities for neighbouring authorities to develop new working relationships with each other
  • it creates an environment whereby local knowledge and experience can be shared.