Writing Effective Reports: getting more from less New
Inter-Authority Training

One of the core skills planners working in development management need to acquire is being able to write clear and persuasive Committee reports, something which applies equally to the preparation of appeal statements. Increasingly, the need is to produce high-quality reports which are as concise as possible, consistent with the need to inform and convince the reader. The workshop includes critical group analysis of two reports, each dealing with the same planning application, but with the second one twice as long as the first. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each, and from whose point of view? Specific guidance is given on how each element of a good report might be handled, in particular the factual content and the subsequent analysis. The course also includes a short introductory module on “material considerations”, providing an opportunity to clarify any grey areas, and ends with a look at some simple appeal decisions to illustrate how Planning Inspectors manage to deal very succinctly with the issues they are required to consider.

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