Use of Conditions: necessary, precise and enforceable?
Inter-Authority Training

This popular workshop is suitable for anyone involved in drafting conditions or who have to monitor and enforce them. Front-loading the application process through pre-app discussions and use of local validation lists is intended to reduce the need for back-loading permissions with conditions. But does this happen? Are alternatives to pre-commencement conditions working? Are your “model” conditions effective and up to date? The workshop will consider these questions and also go “back to basics’ in respect of case law and the legal powers to impose conditions. Topics will include: meeting the legal tests; the importance of giving sound and convincing reasons; the conditions suggested by consultees; control by s106 or condition; and handling applications to vary/remove conditions. The NPPF requires authorities to consider producing Local Enforcement Plans which should include “how they will monitor the implementation of planning permissions”. So this workshop will also look at the problems involved in monitoring and securing compliance with conditions. It will conclude by pulling together some of the ways in which all those involved can work together to improve effectiveness.


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Max. Participants 20

£ 300 + VAT

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Comments From Previous Attendees

Excellent presentation with good case studies relevant to the issues discussed. Captured my attention for the entire session

Richard Bennett
Charnwood Borough Council

Exceeded expectations! I should have had this training years ago. It opened my eyes greatly. This was a very useful session – thanks!

Anna Herriman
Buckinghamshire County Council

Very detailed, managed to include all attendees whether planning enforcement officer, highways or EHO. Gave a lot to think about, but was prepared to share experience and give opinions. Very enjoyable day, time passed quickly, learnt a lot. Thank you!

Ann Green
Charnwood Borough Council

A very comprehensive run through planning conditions

Laurence Rayner
Erewash Borough Council