Use of Conditions: necessary, precise and enforceable?
Inter-Authority Training

This popular workshop is suitable for anyone involved in drafting conditions or monitoring and enforcing them. Efforts to front-load the application process with the introduction of local information lists were intended to reduce the need for back-loading applications with conditions, but there is not much evidence that this has been successful. Developers’ concerns have prompted the Government to introduce more legislative control over the use of conditions. The new NPPF stresses that planning conditions should be kept to a minimum and that if LPAs can agree conditions early in the process it will be beneficial to all parties and speed up decision making. New rules introduced at the beginning of October aim to restrict the use of pre-commencement conditions and it is Government policy that they should be avoided unless there is clear justification. This workshop will look at these current topics as well as ensuring that the essential elements of “conditioning” and justifying conditions with sound planning reasons are thoroughly considered. There will be opportunities to consider a wide range of drafting, interpretation and enforcement issues and whether authorities are paying sufficient attention to the actual planning permission. Relevant case law will be considered throughout the day with ample opportunities for dealing with participants questions and concerns.


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Presented by Vivien Green

Comments From Previous Attendees

Excellent presentation with good case studies relevant to the issues discussed. Captured my attention for the entire session

Richard Bennett
Charnwood Borough Council

Exceeded expectations, very thorough with use of case studies and examples further enlightening the issues. Thank you!

Tamara Dale
Horsham District Council

Exceeded expectations! I should have had this training years ago. It opened my eyes greatly. This was a very useful session – thanks!

Anna Herriman
Buckinghamshire County Council

Very detailed, managed to include all attendees whether planning enforcement officer, highways or EHO. Gave a lot to think about, but was prepared to share experience and give opinions. Very enjoyable day, time passed quickly, learnt a lot. Thank you!

Ann Green
Charnwood Borough Council