Module 2: Unauthorised Development
Inter-Authority Training

This module will look in detail (with reference to case studies) at the definition of development; what are building, engineering, mining or other operations; and when is a change of use material? We will also examine some of the key definitions of terms used in the Planning Acts and in the secondary legislation. The module will also cover the following:

  • is it "development"? (consideration of key aspects of case law)
  • the statutory inclusions and exclusions
  • the steps in assessing whether operational development has taken place
  • the steps in assessing the materiality of a change of use
  • defining the planning unit
  • primary, ancillary and incidental uses
  • the operation of the General Permitted Development Order
  • immunity (including deliberate concealment and the Welwyn Principle)
  • the commencement of development (keeping permissions "alive")
  • ways in which "lawfulness" can be lost (with particular focus on "abandonment" and "nil use")

Event Information

Max. Participants 20

£ 575 + VAT (B&B available at £70 plus VAT per night if required)

Scheduled Dates

Comments From Previous Attendees

It is one of the few courses that deals specifically with planning enforcement and it is therefore wholly relevant to the day to day work of an enforcement officer. I will be completing all four modules based on my first module as I believe the modules would be beneficial to every enforcement officer regardless of experience.

Jonathan Warner
Harborough District Council

The module has given me a new perspective on how to investigate certain types of breaches, as I am still learning the role I am applying the lessons learned from the module every day to my current role. Mixing with other officers from around the country has provided opportunities to share ideas about not just the topics covered but enforcement in general.

Aaron Bush
South Gloucestershire Council

I am sure I am applying the knowledge gained from the module and will continue to do so. I even find myself confident enough to advise more senior colleagues on certain subjects that I feel more confident on as happened the other day with a case involving concealment.

Mark Newman
Christchurch & East Dorset Councils

I have no doubt that the learning taken from these course will be invaluable in the future.

Dean Flower
North West Leicestershire District Council