The Use and Abuse of Planning Conditions and Section 75 Obligations
In-House Training

Planning conditions or Section 75 Obligations can make the difference between the approval or the refusal of planning permission; they should therefore be necessary and reasonable.  They must be monitored to ensure compliance with their requirements, so should therefore also be precise and enforceable.  This popular workshop will examine the use of conditions and Planning Obligations with reference to Circulars 4/1998 and 3/2012, using genuine examples of both good and bad practice!  The procedures relating to the submission of applications to vary/discharge conditions and obligations will also be looked at in detail.


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Comments From Previous Attendees

Content very helpful and presenter was very knowledgeable and experienced in development management both as an officer and consultant, which allows in-depth understanding. Delivery was concise, but engaging; good examples used.

Alexandra Motoi
Angus Council

As always, a well thought out and inclusive assessment of the topics.

John MacIver
City of Edinburgh Council

Very interesting and well-paced.

Martin McGroarty
Fife Council

Answered a lot of my questions.

Clare Oliver
Scottish Borders Council