Presentation Skills for Planners New
Inter-Authority Training

Planners and particularly middle-tier managers often find themselves thrust into the spotlight by having to make presentations to Planning Committees, Area Committees, pressure groups, other stakeholders etc. These presentations often represent "make or break" occasions and how they go can have a significant impact on the quality of the outcome being sought. However, it is unusual to find that those presenting have had any formal training on presentation skills. This interactive workshop will raise participants' awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses and provide some tried and tested tips and techniques to help them get their message across effectively.

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Max. Participants 20


Discount Scheme B

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Presented by Chris Weetman

Comments From Previous Attendees

Better than expected! I was very nervous about attending the course but was made to feel at ease. The feedback on presentations was helpful and helped confidence. A useful course.

Christine Burns
Copeland Borough Council

The training met my expectations, it was very much focused on the practical element of delivering presentations. It was good to see others improve and gain confidence between the morning and afternoon sessions.

Helen Houston
Barrow Borough Council

Whilst I do presentations very often, it was useful to receive critique on style and delivery.

Graeme Innes
Cumbria County Council

Really helpful and interesting. Good practice before my first proper committee!

Harriet Foster
Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority