Design in Planning Applications: how to add value
In-House Training

This workshop has been developed specifically for town planners involved in development management. It focuses on the role of design in the development management process and is uniquely related to design issues at the scale of everyday application work.  Its aim is to help planners to consider matters of design; to develop their knowledge and confidence; and to assist them when advising on, and intervening in, the design process. The overarching purpose of the workshop is to assist practitioners recognise, define and encourage good design in development. It should also improve their ability and understanding in negotiations with applicants both pre and post application. Specific aspects covered include: the basic elements of “good” urban design; using design language to secure better planning outcomes; “sense of place” and how this can be translated into contemporary design; local character and distinctiveness; and techniques for assessing the design merits of a proposal. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss their experiences and exchange ideas on how planners can work positively with designers towards an improved end product.

For further information / how to book

If you are interested in in-house training please contact Angela Holmes. She will be pleased to discuss your requirements and provide outline programmes for you to consider. We are also happy to consider designing bespoke/tailored workshops for individual clients, although in some cases this may involve an additional cost. When you are ready to take things further we can provide a written proposal and check presenter availability.

Please note that all enquiries are without obligation.

Comments From Previous Attendees

Gave an excellent overview of design principles and what makes good and bad design and what constitutes place. A good variety of work (slideshow, group work, discussion and site visits).

Adam Jackson
Royal Borough Windsor & Maidenhead

Good background of design and the key considerations when identifying characteristics and place. Very engaging and good opportunities to participate.

Alys Hughes
Royal Borough Windsor & Maidenhead

Very good course. Tim was very knowledgeable and made the presentation interactive and very interesting.

Helen Knott
Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council

Very helpful, particularly the workshop elements – practical work is always informative and generally more memorable.

Lesley Westphal
Tandridge District Council