Being an Effective Witness at Inquiries
Inter-Authority Training

This workshop is aimed at both planning and other technical officers who may be called as an Expert Witness at a Planning Inquiry but have relatively little or no previous experience. It is intended to promote a good understanding of the preparation required; what should be included in a witness statement; and how to give evidence in chief and under cross-examination. The workshop will provide participants with a solid grounding to improve their confidence, and thereby effectiveness, when giving evidence.  It will identify the legal and procedural requirements and provide practical advice on the approach to providing both the written and oral evidence needed to support reasons for refusal, conditions to be attached to a permission, or justification for enforcement action. 


Event Information

Max. Participants 20


Discount Scheme A

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Presented by Jonathan King

Comments From Previous Attendees

Lots of useful information provided on both legislation and in relation to the run up, and the day of the inquiry.

Georgina Pacey
Runnymede Borough Council

Reinforced my existing knowledge and experience; would recommend to others

Chris Balmer
Isle of Man Government

Very helpful tips from preparing proofs/statement of case – to what to do on the day. Interesting tactics/approaches to be taken

J Ryan
Test Valley Borough Council

Very interesting and good content explained well

Erica Buchanan
Wellingborough Council