Appearing at Public Inquiries
In-House Training

This workshop is aimed at staff in development management and related fields who need to learn, practice or sharpen the skills involved in appearing at Public Inquiries.

The objectives of the session are :

  • to improve presentation, witness and advocacy skills
  • to clarify the roles of different participants at the Inquiry
  • to equip participants with a clear understanding of Inquiry procedures
  • to enhance good practice

The aim is to boost participants' confidence by enhancing their competence.

A crucial part of the two-day training session is a "cameo inquiry" which is run on day 2. Participants get an opportunity to practice presentation as part of the inquiry; they are allocated a "role" in advance and are asked to prepare for that role.

The training normally runs over two full days with a maximum number of participants of 16. We usually run the session for one authority, but we have run the course successfully for a group of staff from neighbouring authorities.

Day 1 includes a series of briefings covering procedural elements and good practice advice. Day 2 is a more practical day.


For further information / how to book

If you are interested in in-house training please contact Angela Holmes. She will be pleased to discuss your requirements and provide outline programmes for you to consider. We are also happy to consider designing bespoke/tailored workshops for individual clients, although in some cases this may involve an additional cost. When you are ready to take things further we can provide a written proposal and check presenter availability.

Please note that all enquiries are without obligation.

Comments From Previous Attendees

The training was exceedingly helpful. Day 1 provided a useful guide to the structure and mechanics of Inquiries. Day 2 was very enjoyable as a mock inquiry. The lessons learned from individual witnesses and creating advocates arguments were particularly helpful.

Matt Barnes
Devon County Council

I’ve never been to an inquiry or hearing, therefore the course was invaluable as a tool to introduce me to the subject – I now know what to expect. It was enjoyable to listen to two very knowledgeable professionals, with an appropriate level of banter thrown in for good measure!

Emma Gibbens
Harrogate Borough Council

Exceeded my expectations. Incredibly helpful and informative, but also delivered in a very enjoyable manner that helped to keep it interesting. Rare to get such experience for in-house training and overall a pleasure to do it.

Robert Nicholson
South Gloucestershire Council

Really enjoyable training session, thank you. I learnt a lot and found the process and method of training very useful. Best training I have had in 12 years!

Lucy Page
Basingstoke Council