An Introduction to Neighbourhood Planning
In-House Training

This introduction has been designed for those who would like to know more about the processes involved in preparing a Plan and what the system can and cannot deliver as a whole. The workshop provides an introduction to neighbourhood planning, the legislation and the key stages that need to be addressed during the preparation of a Neighbourhood Plan. It will give those who attend a much more rounded understanding and appreciation of what neighbourhood planning involves

The workshop can be delivered for individual Town/ Parish Councils or community groups. They can also be commissioned by local planning authorities for the benefit of a group (or groups) within their area.

Please note that sessions on Neighbourhood Planning can also be tailored to local circumstances/schedules to ensure that training meets with your particular needs - please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to discuss taking this approach.

Training is delivered by one member of our experienced presenting team. Timings are flexible: in a morning, afternoon or evening to suit the client.


For further information / how to book

If you are interested in in-house training please contact Angela Holmes. She will be pleased to discuss your requirements and provide outline programmes for you to consider. We are also happy to consider designing bespoke/tailored workshops for individual clients, although in some cases this may involve an additional cost. When you are ready to take things further we can provide a written proposal and check presenter availability.

Please note that all enquiries are without obligation.