Advertisement Control
Inter-Authority Training

Advertisement control is an increasingly important yet often misunderstood part of the planning regime. The present Scottish Advertisement Regulations came into force in 1984 and have remained substantially unaltered. This workshop provides a clear insight into the complexities of the Regulations using real life examples at each stage. The workshop will be of benefit to development management, enforcement and support officers. Specific aspects covered include: what is an advertisement; advertisements not covered by the Regulations; deemed and express consents; Areas of Special Control; advertisement enforcement and flyposting.

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Max. Participants 20


Discount Scheme B

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Presented by Michael Hyde

Comments From Previous Attendees

Very informative. In depth discussion relating to advertisement control. This session has been a great refresher in this area and has given me a greater understanding in applying and interpreting the regs. Great visual examples.

Fiona Knighton
North Ayrshire Council

Even managed to exceed expectations! Good mix of factual content and relevant topical trivia.

Alex Laidler
East Dunbartonshire Council

Very informative. Has given me more confidence as an enforcement officer to pursue unauthorised adverts.

Mohammed Hussain
South Lanarkshire Council

Was very informative and has given me more knowledge in order to carry out enforcement cases regarding advertisement with more confidence.

Linzi Davidson
Scottish Borders Council