Service Reviews For Development Management

TRA offers two alternative levels of service review: comprehensive or focused

Comprehensive Review

TRA has been undertaking comprehensive reviews of local authority Development Control/Management services since 2001. A list of previous clients can be found here.

A comprehensive review ensures that procedures are fully effective, legitimate and up-to-date, and can have a significant positive impact on service delivery. Each review covers the following aspects of the service:

  • performance: covering quality, consistency and speed of decision-making
  • procedures: with a view to improving efficiency and effectiveness
  • management, staff structures and resources: this is essential to ensure that the authority gets the most effective results from any procedural changes.

The output of a comprehensive review is a substantial written report with justified conclusion and recommendations.

Key features of TRA's approach:

  • we deal in the detail; the "pencil sharpening" that makes the difference between an adequate and an exemplary service
  • we are concerned with efficiency ie not just getting excellent performance but getting this done by the right numbers and types of staff at the right time, with streamlined procedures
  • we are concerned with the effectiveness of the whole process (including pre-application discussions, post-decision procedures, appeals and enforcement); rather than just monitored decision-making performance
  • we are concerned with the quality of decision-making as well as speed through our systematic assessment of the decisions taken.

Focused Review

In addition to the comprehensive reviews outlined above, we are also able to carry out a variety of shorter, more focused reviews looking at specific aspects of the planning or DM/DC service. These are appropriate for those local authorities who do not want, or need, to commission a full-scale review and/or who wish to focus in greater detail on a particular aspect of the planning function. A list of previous clients can be found here.

The areas we can cover include:

  • the organisation of planning services
  • the structure, organisation and role of development management support
  • receipt, registration and validation
  • consultation and notification in development management
  • delegated and committee reports - quality, structure and preparation
  • management and monitoring systems for development management
  • management and staff resources
  • delegation schemes
  • planning enforcement
  • appeals procedures
  • Committee procedures and performance
  • quality and consistency of planning decisions
  • the customer service interface and its organisation.

What to do next

If you would like to know more about our Service Reviews or to discuss your requirements please contact Penny O'Shea by email or on 01204 385678 for a no-commitment discussion.